Pollinator tips

  1. Summer bedding plants and herbs, keep in a sheltered area and moist, free from frost, until the end of April.
  2. Bedding plants, leave in the original packaging and feed with miracle grow to buildup roots for transplanting and remove any dead foliage. Transplant out in early May.
  3. Identify an area of your grass to cut less often to allow wildflowers to grow.
  4. Create some areas of bare soil for mining solitary bees to nest, or drill some holes in a wooden fence posts for cavity-nesting solitary bees
  5. Help pollinators by deciding not to use chemicals to kill insects or to get rid of weeds which provide vital food
  6. Check what you have in flower each month from March to October so you know when your garden's pollinator hunger gaps are but don't go out to buy things yet].
  7. Grow cuttings, seeds from some of your pollinator-friendly plants so that you have even more for next year.
  8. Learn how to identify the different insects, wild bees and butterflies visiting your garden.

Pollinator Pack:

This Pollinator Pack is great way give people and there kids an understanding of how to over
winter plants and then see them coming back to life and the skill of transplanting and
sowing of seeds and encouraging pollinators such as bees, hover flies and ladybirds.

About the pack:

1. One of the first pollinator Gift packs hampers of its kind in Ireland.
2. A great way for starting your Pollinator journey.
3. With a mix of herbs and pollinator friendly plants an ideal way of being introduced to
mother nature.
4. Presented in a recyclable Box with information on Biodiversity.
5. Each Pollinator gift pack hamper contains a mix of six live plants labeled with a picture and
information on care and 2 packets of sunflower seeds.
6. These Pollinator Gift Pack Hampers can be Taylor made to suit client’s requirements we
can have packs made up for many occasions like world bee day, Dads day, Mother’s day and
for each season packs also can be branded with your Company logo.

Pollinator Pack instructions: