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Biodiversity packages to show sustainability in your business

Let's get together and help our pollinators survive and thrive
Make a REAL difference
Give a little back with an exclusive corporate hive sponsorship
A great CSR opportunity
Boost your company’s awareness and reputation
Encourage team building
Employees learn the complex workings of a hive and bee care

Why help our pollinators?

One of the main threats to bees and other pollinators is loss of habitat - the places where they live.

Of the 98 different types of bees on the island of Ireland, nearly one third are threatened with extinction!

Pollinators are the insects that perform the vital task of pollinating our crops. Over 80 percent of the world’s flowering plants require a pollinator to reproduce. Without pollinators, these plants wouldn't survive.

Businesses like yours can play an important role in creating and protecting green spaces that can provide new homes for these vital creatures.

You can make a real difference with Bio Bees

Bio Bees will help you to encourage more pollinator-friendly plants. Wildflowers like clover, dandelions or creeping buttercups can flourish in lawns and provide food for pollinators.

Working with Bio Bees also encourages employee team building while engaging in the craft of beekeeping. Employees will learn to understand the complex workings of a hive and the care needed to raise bees.

It's a fantastic way for you to reduce your carbon footprint and clearly demonstrate your commitment to Ireland's biodiversity.

Oh, and did we mention the honey?
Our packages

Beehive sponsorship packages

We offer two options

Bee Practical

Lets get down to earth, get our hands dirty.

Practical Gardening Demonstrations:

 - Planting Containers & Window boxes
- Pollinator Friendly Plants
- Live Bee Demonstration
- Making Hanging Baskets
- Sowing Seeds

All demonstrations by our in house horticulturalist beekeeper with over 35 years experience in horticulture

Bee Corporate

Our Bee Corporate package enables your company to engage locally with global environmental challenges. You show your commitment to supporting bees directly in their natural habitat and immediately help to secure their future. Fulfilling your companies CSR and ESG commitments. You also get delicious honey that has come straight from your hive!

- Two hive sponsorship Active & Inactive Hives
- Inactive Hive (with company branding) - On your premises
- Active Hive - In our apiary
- Live Bee & Biodiversity Demonstration
- Returned honey from your bees
- Video updates on how your hive is performing
- Biodiversity information sign beside in-active hive

Clients we work with

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