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Bio Pollinator Hamper Pack

Bio Bees is helping companies like yours with their commitment to biodiversity
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The Bio Pollinator Hamper Pack

Starting your pollinator journey The Bio Pollinator Pack was put together for Companies like yours to show their commitment and support to Biodiversity. It’s a great introduction into pollinator friendly plants on the care and maintenance the sowing of seeds and also the excitement of watching your plants over the dark months coming to life and showing the sign spring on the way.

The Bio Pollinator Hamper packs is a great alternative to the traditional Gift Card and Hampers. Our Pollinator Hamper packs can be made up for any occasion like Christmas Father’s day, Mother’s Day world Bee and can have your own company branding, each pack can contain a mix of herbs, Perennials, Bulbs, Wildflower Seeds and of course Bio bees own Honey from our Native Irish honey bees. 
Information on pollinators, Biodiversity the upkeep of the plants and seeds can be found in our pack.
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